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Surrendering Control

 I have to confess I am a control freak.

I like to be able to apply myself to how things should be and how to make them happen.

I like to plan. I like to be prepared.

I want to know what is happening and when, so I can be ready to respond.

It has come as something of a shock to fully realise that the path I have found myself on requires me to let go of any notion of control.

This path is asking me to listen to what is needed not impose it.

To say it has been a learning curve is an understatement. An internal war raging feels more apt. At times it has created huge challenges for me in my business.

Instead of knowing what I am doing in 6 months times, I have to accept not knowing what I will be doing in 6 days time. At least not in detail.

As an event planner, I would be on the case 6 months beforehand. Now I am coming to terms with having nothing more than an outline until just before the event or even in the moment.

It’s been uncomfortable. But the discomfort is my own growth.

I have not been at the mercy of my business. I have not been poorly prepared. I have not blown it for lack of work.

It has all been as it should.

Given the choice, my inner control freak would choose to have everything sorted well ahead of schedule but I have come to learn the quality of the end result was less than it could have been if I had just paused and listened.

Energy speaks.

It speaks in shape, texture, colour, sound and more. Deep within us is the intuitive understanding of what this means: when we listen we know what to do.

Immersing yourself in the energy of your business and the energy of your activity is the fast track to understanding exactly what you need to create. As long as you can trust yourself to let go of control.

Energy moves at the speed it moves. We cannot push or force it. If that means the details don’t appear until you open your mouth to speak that’s the way it is. Making a commitment to redefine business as energy first has required me to challenge my own patterning. What I have learnt is that listening to the energy creates a more powerful, impactful result every time. It challenges preconceived notions and encourages the most creative, innovative thinking.

What it doesn’t do is give you the opportunity to pre-define what is taking shape. You have nothing more than an outline or concept to go on. The level of trust involved is huge. But then so is the power that drives the process.

Letting go has been one of the biggest challenges for me without a doubt.

Deep within us is the intuitive understanding of what energy means: when we listen we know what to do.

Business is the organisation of energies. Instead of controlling how they can be expressed, which is the norm, in Business Energetics we flip the script and listen to how they want to be expressed. This inevitably results in an understanding of what is needed that challenges our understanding of what we thought would be needed. It challenges our understanding of what works at a fundamental level. It gives you permission to go down paths that you thought you were not yet ready for and gives you the freedom to rethink the rules.

The most challenging aspect for a control freak like myself is never knowing what will be created. To the delight of my creative explorer though, what is created takes me to places I never knew existed.

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