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Creating the New

I was asked recently “is it really possible to create new?”

I absolutely believe it is possible.

Challenging certainly.

But it is a path open to all of us.

There is much talk of new right now and there is no question that the prevailing energy supports the creation of a new kind of life and environment.

I know many, many people can feel it and are responding to it.

Conscious business is a solution to this need and a topic that is gaining more attention every day.

But mostly what I see is advocates for conscious business bringing forward innovative solutions that are built on existing language, systems and actions.

Creating new with the old is where the revolution stops. To truly create new, then the infrastructure, systems, beliefs, language… everything has to be re-imagined. The challenge has to be big enough for the change to be maintained. When there is an echo or imprint of the old in the new it is never truly free to make the leap.

Creating new with the old is where the revolution stops

If you want to create the new, be prepared to challenge your ideas of what a business is, what it should look like and how it should behave. Your topic alone is not enough to shift reality, paying attention to how you build your business and bring its energy into the world is equally as important.

Conscious leadership is beyond thought leadership, it is the full embodiment of your values and innovation in every aspect of creation. Creating the new is a path open to you.

(This autumn I will be offering a special mastermind for Conscious Creators who want to expand into legacy leadership. Contact me for a preview)

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