Sphere of Influence

Creating a sphere of influence is an age-old concept and one that is central to marketing intentions.

There are plenty of actions that go hand in hand with expanding a sphere of influence such as positioning, PR, lobbying, networking, advertising, writing, speaking…

In fact it can seem positively frenetic with activity.

Yet energetically speaking, a sphere of influence is stillness.

It is completely neutral.

For influence to be felt, space has to be held for the energy and intention.

This is conscious work of being present and allowing the energy that is meant to be expressed to find a resonance and harmonic with those it is meant to touch.

There is no pushing, no action, no focus other than holding the energy.

Expanding your sphere of influence means learning to hold an expanding field of energy.

For every action that you take, there must be an equal measure of stillness for the energy to reach its destination. The bigger the action, the bigger the stillness necessary to extend your sphere of influence.

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