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Into the Fire

Water energy re-centres and rebalances. It’s where you find yourself and come face to face with your expanded self.

It’s where you grow into your potential, consolidating the growth that has come before.

But it is, as yet, untested expansion.

This is the energy we have been immersed in collectively. It has been a time of processing and preparation for the next stage of our collective growth.

We are beginning our transition into fire energy.

Because water is where the foundations are laid for growth, it can feel like a safe space to stay in. There will be many who are not yet ready to move. They will fight it and fight hard. The fight will be their safety net but it will not change the fact that the energy is transforming.

Those who are ready to go will need no encouragement. They have been waiting for this moment.

As we move out of water towards fire, we will question the status quo, our existing reality and begin to clarify what we need (earth energy) and then we will experiment and try things on for size (air energy), some of which will stick.

And then we arrive in fire.

Some will get there faster than others. But all will get there.

The fire energy we have known and lived through is not the fire energy we will be coming into.

Our societies have been created in a fire energy that has been all consuming and out of balance. This fire is a nurturing energy that draws the creative spark from within and brings it into expression. It is balanced between the creative energy within and the creative expression outwith.

We do not need to fear the fire that is coming but we do need to respond to it.
And so does your business.

Your business needs to shift from inner reflection and preparation into outer expression. In other words, it needs to be more present.

And your audience and clients? You need to be supporting them to transition into external expression too, supporting them in translating that inner work into outer reality (in whatever form you do that).

You will need to be listening and watching closely for the inevitable nudges and prompts you will receive so that your unique resonance with fire energy can come into being.

Contact me if you need support to lead your business through this transition. 

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