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Burning Up

Mainstream business is dominated by fire energy.

Big action leads to big results.

Push, push, push.

There is no let up.

No space until the inevitable crash and burn.

Then all must be rebuilt, painfully.

The social conditioning to operate from fire energy in business is so prevalent that we fall into these belief patterns all the time.

We push through. We force ourselves to act despite what our intuition is telling us.

Fire energy is essential to business but it has its time. We cannot stay in fire energy and create true growth. For fire energy to create, rather than destroy, we must allow ourselves to experience the cycle of creation.

Earth energy is the stillness where new growth is born. Air energy is the unfolding as the new growth emerges into form. Fire energy brings this into maturity and expresses it to the world. Water energy anchors this growth into the seat of the soul.

The payouts of fire energy are only possible if we consciously allow the other energies support our growth and our creativity.

Consciously designing this cycle into business prepares and readies you for consistent and sustainable growth. It protects you from burn out and supports you to negotiate your uplevels without disruption.

Are you holding yourself in fire energy?

If you feel on the edge of burning out and breaking down, then you are.

It’s time to let yourself move into the energy of water to ground and anchor and prepare for your next journey through the cycle of creation.

Contact me to explore what is waiting for you.

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