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Go Deeper, Release your Soul Expression

There is one question – above all others – that is the key to unlocking soul expression and embodying your full potential.

This is the question I ask all my new clients.

Over and over until we reach the moment your soul steps forward to share your deepest purpose.


"Why are you really doing what you are doing?"

The conversation goes something like this:

Me: Why are you doing what you do?"

Client: “so I can help people to ... feel better about themselves, grow their business, spend less time on...” (or many similar variations).

Me: “That’s great. Why?”

Client:  pauses clearly wondering why I am asking such an obvious question “so they don’t have to live with... “ whatever burden they are carrying.

Me: “Fantastic. Why are you doing that?”

Client: Gives me a skewwhiff look, takes a moment before saying “Um, good question.”

Maybe they need a guiding hand to shift their perspective at this point or the answer drops out of nowhere into their awareness with surprising force.

Client: “because by resolving this they solve not only their problem but they change the world for everyone”.

And there it is. This is the moment I am after. This is your soul talking.

Whether you see it or not, your business is an expression of your soul purpose and truth. You are a leader of change.

When you are living in the how of making your business work, you are shrouded from this much deeper reality that you are actively creating. And when you are shrouded in this way, the right decisions are not always what they seem because your connection to your true purpose is not at the heart of your choices.

You are thinking about your next project or activity without connecting it to the energy of your soul purpose.

Stretching your vision from what you can immediately see (creating x, y or z) to what you can feel but not fully articulate, is the first step to unlocking your soul expression. It takes you deeper into who you are.

Asking why (again and again!) uncovers the golden thread that runs through your life experiences, personality, desires, passions and leads you to your purpose. Your soul expression is everywhere when you go deeper to see it from a different perspective.

Connecting the here and now to the truth of your soul expression is the golden thread that runs through my life. Guiding you to see the paths before you and clearing the debris out of the way so that you can speak and act according to your soul. This is the foundation of soul expression led business and marketing.

If you want to begin the journey through the energy of soul expression, I invite you to apply to experience the Soul Expression Immersion – a two week intensive journey of clarifying your purpose and direction in your business.

Soul Expression Immersion

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