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Mind Expansion

Our mental powers are simultaneously demonised and worshipped.

On the one hand, our mental world is responsible for holding us back through our mindset and, on the other, capable of huge leaps of inspiration and innovation through our creativity.

It can feel like an endless tussle between two opposing powers – and it all takes place in our heads, as we try to navigate thought patterns, beliefs, dreams, possibilities...

We are urged to get out of our heads and feel so that we can bypass the “interference” of ego and logic. Is it that simple?

Surely if it were, we would all have evolved much further, much more quickly and have been a lot less frustrated in the process.

"Get out of your head and into your mind"

As someone who is head led, this has been my struggle. I love to tackle intellectual challenges and connect the dots (air is my dominant element in case you were wondering!). Not so long ago I woke up with the thought on repeat – “get out of your head and into your mind”. Simultaneously my day began with a tailspin and profound clarity – I do love a good paradox.

The Nuances of the Mind

Our mental world is finely nuanced. We have our ego defining and protecting our sense of self, our intellect translating our experiences and perceptions into articulated thought and we have our creative imagination stretching us forward and outward. They have distinct frequencies, energies and purpose that connect to our physical form and energetic form.

The ego defines how we see ourselves.
The intellect translates our thoughts into action.
Our mind dreams and creates, connecting us to all that is beyond what is.

It’s a two way flow through which we can change our perceptions of who we are and what we are capable of. We need every part of our mental make up to function fully as a human being and as a soul in human form.

We can pull our dreams into our intellect to translate them into practical action, working with our ego to redefine what is possible for us. We can take our sense of self and expand it through practical actions and let it flow into new possibilities. In short, we can evolve as a human being by connecting our physical reality to the limitless possibilities through the different aspects of our mind.

In business, we tend to operate almost exclusively in ego and intellect with details, planning, strategy. In conscious and self-development circles the emphasis in on dreaming and visualisation of possibilities and desires. Yet we cannot operate fully on in an either/or mode. We need to flow.

Without the head, the mind cannot be articulated.
Without the mind, the head cannot expand.
Without the head or the mind, our sense of self cannot be shifted to align with our true soul potential.

"Dreams are not created in your head but they are built there."

To become what we dream of, we have to bring that dream into articulated thought and reference it against our perception of self (shifting that as required). We take that articulated thought and turn it into considered, planned action steps.

The Breath of Possibility

Imagine the flow as the rhythm of breathing. As you breathe in, you expand drawing in the possibilities that your mind can conceive. As you breathe out, you translate that possibility into practical, logical steps – you interpret your dreams and give yourself the means to create them.

This is how we open the door to the expression of our souls. We breathe in the possibilities innate and inherent within our soul and we breathe out inspired actions that embody our soul in physical form. You become who you are here to be and change your perception of self in the process.

Living your soul truth and expressing it through your work is fulfilling your purpose and putting one more piece into the great, collective jigsaw of human evolution. Being yourself and accepting your limitless creativity, brought to life through your dreams, articulated by your mind, translated by your intellect and redefining your sense of self is the path to personal and collective transformation.

Ego, intellect and mind, none is higher or better than the other. None needs controlling or quashing. We need them all and we need them to communicate freely.

Open the doors to your mind and let your soul show you the possibilities.

Reservations are now open for Soul Expression Immersions, a 2 week exploration to bring your soul calling into expression as a unique reflection of your energy.

Soul Expression Immersion

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