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Cycle of Creation

One of the questions that was asked at a presentation on the Energetics of Creation was how to move through the Cycle of Creation to ensure that you start and finish creative projects and activities.

That’s a great question and my answer is (as always), it depends!

The Cycle of Creation supports your creativity by moving you through different energies of the elements - inspiration, action, reflection and stillness - to fully express your creativity. Typically business and marketing work on linear models but we humans are anything but linear. We are complex and nuanced and we work in multi-dimensional ways to express ourselves. Linear models have us start at a specific point irrespective of our learning, working and creative styles. And this is where many of us get tripped up in our creative activities. 

Where we each naturally begin our creative process depends on our Power Element. Your Power Element is your starting point - the place where you are most creative and have the most fun in the process. It is our zone of creative genius. But we can all get stuck there and deny the full expression of our creativity. Perhaps you have too many ideas and don't know what to do first, perhaps you procrastinate over the next steps, perhaps you get stuck in taking action but never evolving your ideas or perhaps you just never quite finish your projects. 

1Consciously moving through the 4 stages of creativity is the secret to evolving, expanding and developing our creativity. Every one of us is unique and will react in different ways, but here are some ideas for moving out of your Power Element and allowing yourself to flow through the Cycle of Creation.


Earth loves to do, to take steps and it is easy to keep doing that and become stuck in a doing mode. Counter-intuitive? Probably to your head, but not to your creativity. The solution is to go and do something different. Get up and move, try something new, indulge yourself. Make space for the inspiration of air to surprise you. When it comes – and it will – take action (action is different to the doing that earth loves so much, action is big and bold) and then allow yourself to feel how it felt before returning to doing again. For earth, this is growth – earth loves to be nourished by air, fire and water and earth can expand when you consciously extend your comfort zone.


Air expands ever outwards bringing in new ideas, adding layers, connecting dots. It’s a lot of fun but thinking and action are two different things and air can struggle to take forward action on those ideas because there is always something new to explore.

There is a difference between the doing of earth and the action of fire. To move from air to fire is a spontaneous leap. No thinking, just do. The Harmonics Experiment is an example of exactly that. This was a collaborative experience with some amazing innovators. As an air type, I could have procrastinated endlessly trying to work out what it was going to be exactly before asking anyone else what they thought. I didn’t, I leapt and asked. I took action and what came out of that action what truly extraordinary. As the experiment came to a close, the time came to feel into how it went and then use the stillness of earth to see the next steps. This type of flow keeps air moving.


Fire is big and bold, action orientated and ever moving. The opposite of earth, both signs can get stuck. For fire, this is getting stuck in action mode. To move through the cycle, fire needs to learn to pause. To breathe. Allow yourself to feel how this action makes you feel. The stillness that comes next will be challenging but out of nowhere the inspiration will come and then you can take action again. Consciously slowing down, making space for a pause keeps your fire burning.


Water feels what is right and wants to move but in which direction? To begin the flow of creation, take a simple practical action. Not the big bold leap of fire but an action to make the feeling real. If the path that creates isn’t right, you can switch direction – that’s water’s strength. Opening the channel allows the flow and the momentum will pick up as you go through the cycle and find your path.

Everyone has subtle nuances that influence the move from one stage to the next. Play and experiment to find the right triggers and nudges for you.

Whilst one element is your Power Element (find out your Power Element), you will work with all the elements all the time and it is the leanings and balance of how you use them that tells you more about working with your elemental energy. If you want to find out more about your balance and how to use it for your business, you can leap into action and book an Element Map for individually tailored practical recommendations. 


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