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3 Pillars

How do I market with integrity?

This is a question I hear over and over. And the reason I hear it is because marketing is sold as a set of processes and tactics that you must master in order to make your business successful.

Is that really accurate or true?

I don’t believe so.

The relentless focus on tactics creates a disconnect between your business and your audience. It creates a situation where you are struggling at every step to get the twain to meet.

The energy becomes wholly focused on getting results. And it leaves you feeling lost at sea, unconfident and out of sorts.

Typically you will hear statements that any business is all about the customer or client. And you need customers for a viable and successful business, so giving them what they need or want is important. But that doesn’t mean you need to be bending yourself out of shape to give it to them.

Because they are not anyone’s customer or client, they are yours.

Which makes marketing all about you in the first instance. It makes you the foundation of your business and how you bring yourself into your business is the key to success.

Shifting your perspective is the beginning of energetic marketing.

Energetic marketing moves the focus from processes, tactics and methods that are results driven and energetically misaligned to you towards your power to express, create and connect.

These are the foundations that empower you to market with integrity and to use your full power to create and grow your business.

The 3 pillars of energetic marketing have a thread that runs through ensuring the flow of energy and direction. That thread is the experience and journey you are creating through your business. The experience of sharing your magic with your community, the experience of being within your community, the way it expresses you creates an inevitable connection – this is the thread of potential and opportunity.

Energetic marketing allows the flow of your purpose through your expression, creation and connection.


When I talk about expression it is more than words – it is how we allow ourselves to BE within our business.

With my clients I explore 3 specific areas of expression. The first is essence. Essence is everything that has brought you to this point where you are the only person who can do what you do in the way that you do it. It evolves from your experience, values, vision, dreams, personality and more. The focus is on what is pulling you forwards to create impact and transformation, it is the legacy you are gifting to the world through your unique blend of knowing and being. For all of us, the ability to be objective about who we are is a challenge but when you are supported to do this, the experience is profoundly liberating and clarifying.

The second area is energy. Each of us experiences activities in different ways. Some will lift us up and create energy, others will do the opposite. How your energy flows is beyond critical to the creation of a business and its expression – when you work with your energy you are more focused and productive, which means you bring the best of you to your business. That is a win for you and for your community.

The third area is the elements. Every single one of us has a power element that drives how we work and how we express. This primary element speaks to our strengths and the ways in which we can express, create and connect to bring transformation to ourselves and our community.

Using these 3 aspects, we create a powerful platform for self-expression in the design and delivery of vision and purpose.


The second pillar of energetic marketing is creation. Using the insights from expression, we design a journey that puts your essence and purpose into action. This is the experience that moves you from here and now towards your vision. Every business needs this at its core. The focus is on the experiences you need to bring to life that will help you evolve into the person you need to become to make your vision a reality. And the experience your community is looking for to join you on that journey. This pillar is all about your purpose, passion and power in action.


Clients and customers are not pulled out of thin air, they are drawn from a community. The future of connection is the future of your community.

Communities come in many forms and they are active, engaged and participative because the path to change is through interaction. Every single interaction we have helps us grow and evolve. A community that is designed to allow every member, including you, to flourish through interaction will outstrip a community that is purely designed to passively receive every single time.

Create a community that actively participates in the delivery of your vision and your audience will be drawn to you. They will be energetically invested in making this transformation real – they will support you to turn your vision into reality.

These are the 3 pillars that empower you to market with integrity.

When you put these into place in your business, the energy of your marketing will shift beyond recognition. Using these foundations, the natural routes and paths you need to take through the world of marketing will become obvious.

Start at the beginning – start with you. Your true potential will only be released when you have established these foundations.

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