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Energy Mapping Blog

Every entrepreneur needs it – in spades.

No one has the same version of it.

The mysteries of its workings are a lifetime’s work.


It’s affected by weather, circumstances, movement, food, relationships, hormones... and business.

Whilst the general ebb and flow of energy needs a mindful approach and conscious nurturing, so often the natural ebb and flow of energy in business is relegated because we need to get those essential tasks done, no matter how we actually feel.

Yet for us to share and express with impact, looking after our energy is imperative. The process of creation, expression and connection – the three pillars of energetic marketing need directed energy. Your energetic wellbeing is one of the most important foundations for your business. This is precisely why it is one of the core areas I explore and work on with all my clients.

Mapping your energy is the key.

• Look at which activities typically energise you and those that can drain your energy.
• Look at the ebb and flow of your energy over the day, week, month and year.
• Look at when you are in creative mode and when you are in detail mode.

Knowing your energy patterns is the starting point.

There are tasks that we cannot avoid, they have to be done. Whether it is writing content or filing a tax return, these are part and parcel of running a business.
Managing your energy to stay in high impact mode is all about balance.

If you are energised when you are in creative mode, allocate short chunks of time to focus on detailed or technical tasks at times when your natural creative energy is ebbing. This will actually help you recharge the creative juices while you focus on the detail. Don’t be tempted to do more, set yourself some specific time boundaries and stick to them. Timers can really help. (Toggl is a great app for this in Pomodoro mode or Win the Day is a productivity app in Chrome that has a focus mode that blocks out interruptions for a set time).

If you are energised in detail mode, allocate times to go and blow the cobwebs out to allow the creativity in. For example, maybe writing leaves you blank. Instead of forcing it and producing some lack lustre content, take your phone out on a walk and talk to it. Then come back and transcribe it. There’s always another way to tackle the problem that works with your energy.

If you are energised through connection, make connecting part of your daily rhythm. You don’t have to be available 24/7 for clients – schedule your sessions for when you are most receptive and capable of giving. Schedule regular coffee chats with colleagues and new contacts or offer slots for connection calls when they make you pop.

What you are aiming for is to create a pattern or rhythm of activity that maximises the times you are in energised mode and manages the activities that take away from your energy. That way you don’t do everything in your power to avoid the tasks that can leave you feeling flat, which means that they don’t stress you out, which means that you can focus your energy on high impact activities that wow your community.

Powerful expression really does begin with your energy - looking after it is one of the most valuable business activities you can do. 

Experience the power of mapping your energy here

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