Working with Me

Want an inkling of what it is like to work with me?  

Well, you could Say Hello - I like a good chat. Or you can keep reading!

  • Expect to be listened to.  I might not say much at first, that's because I want to get to understand you properly.  Don't be deceived though, I can talk the hind legs off a donkey when the situation is right.
  • Prepare to be cared for.  I will think about you even when you aren't there.  You'll get to know that when you get a random call or email telling you about a new opportunity that I think is perfect for you.
  • I will put you right slap bang in the centre of everything we do.  Nothing is off the shelf - it's built to work for you.
  • If something isn't my area of expertise, I will help you find the support you really need.
  • Simplicity is the only way to go.  
  • Keeping your confidences is non-negotiable.  
  • I will keep you on track even if I feel like a terrible nag - because you are worth it.
  • To be absolutely open to your honest feedback all the time.  I want you to have the best experience possible and there is always room for improvement.

So that's my side of the bargain, but this is a two-way relationship.  Are you ready to:

  • Share - tell me your ideas, plans, goals, dreams.
  • Flex your wisdom muscles - you know your business better than anyone else, I'm here to help you make it the best it can be.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings about things are going.
  • Talk about the challenges you are facing so I can work with you.
  • Do the work - life gets in the way but your business is your future.  Invest your time in you and your future through commitment and action. 

That's it really.  Nothing complicated, just open, honest and focused on YOU.


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