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You have a vision to catalyse change on a massive scale

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You know you are here to bring about transformations that are so needed. You can see the possibilities and potential and your vision is so big it scares you (just a little).

You aren’t paralysed with fear because the pull to take action is strong beyond measure. Come hell or high water this is happening.

But you are stuck

Stuck in a quagmire of systems, processes and established models that simply cannot support your energy or the magnitude of your vision. And frustrated is simply not a big enough word to explain how you feel.

Thought leaders, change makers and action takers like you need what the mainstream cannot offer

You need the means to do exactly what the world of business denies.

You need to be bold enough and fearless enough to do what no one else can do.

Be You

Sounds simple. Except that it’s not that easy to be unapologetically, uncompromisingly and wholly yourself.

It takes a peculiar type of courage to create, design and express through your uniquely wonderful essence to bring a business to the world that is unlike any other on every single level.

It also takes a heap of self-awareness and self-appreciation to pull it off in style.

You have that in spades, don’t you?

The Road Un-Travelled

This conundrum is exactly why I created Energetic Marketing. The principle is simple.

Innovate and create what has not existed before to prepare and position you to be you – in all your glory – empowering you to catalyse the transformation that is the core of your mission.

Energetic Marketing has 4 core pillars.

First and foremost is your true Essence. From this all things flow outwards with the potential for limitless expansion (because you are limitless).

From your Essence, comes Expression. How you design your business and your message is pivotal to living your essence in action. From your Expression, comes Creation. The design of your experiences for your community is the living embodiment of your essence and the invitation to join a journey of exploration, discovery and growth. From Creation, comes Connection. Getting creative with your best ways to grow your authority, grow your audience and connect powerfully with your community. These are the essential foundations for sustainable growth that will support your vision and allow you to follow the road as yet un-travelled.

Your road 


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Headshot 4 smallI'm Polly Hearsey and I'm here to help you break free from the constraints and convention of marketing. Quite frankly, the way marketing has been "marketed" is pretty old hat and tired now. It never felt right in the first place but now it feels so wrong. 

You can reclaim your power to BE you and share you, on your own terms. You can walk the untrodden path with the confidence to connect with your tribe and community and create experiences for them that defy the norm and deliver the extraordinary.

The power is within you and I am here to help you bring it out to play. 

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 Your Next Steps into Energetic Marketing™

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