The Swipe File Antidote

The Swipe File Antidote 1

“Download my swipe file to get the exact steps I used to go from £3k months to £30k days. I will show you every last detail of a system that will turn your business around in just one week – guaranteed.”



I'd hazard a guess that this sounds a little too familiar.  Maybe it has even set your teeth on edge.

It's total tosh of course but we have all fallen for it because the lure and promise of ease and simplicity is just too enticing - especially when we are frustrated, tired and confused (we all go there).

Swipe files, exact steps and promises of instant riches are not just misleading you – they will be the death of your business.

There is an army of carbon copy businesses out there and it is almost impossible to tell them apart. What worked once for a small handful of businesses is now mainstream and INVISIBLE.

The most powerful choice you can EVER make in your business is to be you. Unapologetically, honestly and totally you. It is the only way to stand out.

Being you and finding your own creative, innovative solutions is the key to enjoying your business on every level and getting sustainable results.

Easier said than done? I know the pressure to conform and approach your business and marketing in set ways may seem reassuring but let's be honest - being constrained and restrained by convention isn't exactly your strong point! Why are you resisting your need to be free to choose your own path?

You can choose to free yourself and the time to do that is now.

You have the opportunity to lead your tribe into new possibilities by showing how courageous and bold you are, to inspire them to follow. You are a leader who will inspire, encourage and empower. Now is your time to fully step into your role and realise your potential.

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The old models of marketing are broken. Fundamentally broken.

Marketing isn’t about statistics, data, funnels and attrition. Marketing is about people - you, your clients, the communities you serve. Marketing is about impact and sharing that impact with the world. Marketing is about change, freedom, expression and choice. And so is your business.

The old models aren’t just losing their effectiveness in a world of savvy and soulful potential clients, they are failing and the establishment will fall taking businesses like yours with it. You can cling to the broken frameworks and descend or you can choose to rise.

You are more than this. You are worth more than this. Your soul clients are worth more than this.

It is time to release the old and bring in the new.

The Swipe File Antidote 1

Before your business gets sucked into a black hole of conformity and uniformity - from which it will never return - decide that it’s time to BE YOU and to bring your amazing creativity to bear on making your business as unique as you are.

Decide that

You are ready to stand out – really stand out and be heard for your unique message.

You are ready to ditch the shiny objects and find creative ways to run and grow your business that feel good and work.

You will radiate your energy in completely unique and magnetic ways that your soul clients will instantly recognise as their calling to step into their light.

The time is now to release the old ways that have been bringing you down and create a new normal that is simply extraordinary (just like you!).

You will trust in the power within you to change your reality and change the world.

You will take action, now.

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 Introducing one to one support programmes as unique as you

Let’s create your new reality and share your brilliance innovatively, creatively and uniquely.

Your Swipe File Antidote Options


Creative Communication

Communication is the cornerstone of every business and every brand. The more creative your approach to sharing your message, the greater the impact you will have.

Let’s liberate your creativity and find your unique message that will activate and engage your soul clients.  You will be clear, confident and courageous in sharing your message in absolutely consistent ways that your soul clients will totally get – and act on.

Creative Communication Session £300

Energy & Power Mini-Programme

When you work with your energy and you own your power, things fall into place – but this is not part of the standard prescription for business and marketing. These critical aspects of you are seriously overlooked as essential foundations for a successful and fun business. Let’s set that right with a powerful mini-programme.

The Energy & Power Mini Programme will zone in on:

  • The energy friction that is holding you back in your business
  • The true centre of your power that will create huge shifts for you and your clients.
  • Combining energy and power for a truly unique experience that frees you to be you and do you with no limitations.

Energy & Power intensive mini programme £570

Release & Create Short Programme

Holding onto the old is no longer an option. Things have to change.

But what do you release and what do you create in its place to give you the power and potential for the future?

Release & Create is a brutally honest, deep look at what is serving you and what needs to GO. Together we will kick out the old and design solutions that will work with you as you evolve – supporting you to be your best and create the greatest impact.

Wherever you are in your business, this is work that needs to be done and will support you into the future. Uplevelling, expanding or just plain old changing needs you to go back to basics and check that everything from the ground up is aligned and fully supporting you.

After all, if you are doing what you have always done it’s not going to work when you start doing things you have never done!

Together we will create a new approach and support structure to capitalise on your natural strengths, talents and energy to call in your soul clients for the next stage of your journey. This is a courageous and bold time to stake your claim to a unique path that is fully energetically aligned.

Change your reality as you release the old models and embrace new ways of being and working where YOU shine.

Release & Create Short Programme £1120

Own Your Brilliance 6 Week Programme

Within you, your untapped potential and power are waiting to be released. Your soul clients are waiting for you to reach out and help them.
It’s time to stop hiding in plain sight and be seen for who you are. You need to step up to the plate and Own Your Brilliance.

When you own your brilliance you will captivate your audience and press their on switch making decisive action inevitable.

Own Your Brilliance will unleash your confidence and self-belief. You will fully appreciate your power and how this can create massive change for you and your clients. Stepping into the limelight and sharing what you are here to share is inevitable – make it now, not later.

Find out more about this unique 6-week programme which will elevate your business creating stability and abundance by tapping into your true power and positive energy.

Own Your Brilliance one to one programme £1560

Your Zone of Uniqueness
3 Month Mentorship & Consultancy

Step 1 – Get into your Zone
Step 2 – Create your Unique Approach
Step 3 – Implement and evaluate with mentoring and consultancy support

Over 12 weeks you will gain clarity, increase your confidence and be taking inspired action. Your business will be evolving and becoming sustainable while you are creating and exploring on your terms. You will have broken away from the pack and be on a truly individual path that not only feels right but really works for you.

We all have a unique blend, style and energy that is the bedrock of our business and the core of our connection with our soul clients. I call it your zone of uniqueness because it gives you outstanding visibility and authority – not to mention an irresistible wow factor.

9 times out of 10 it is not being used to its full potential, which is denying new clients the magic of working with you and it is denying you the stability you are seeking. You, on the other hand, are going to be the 1 in 10 using your zone to create a powerful new reality and impact.

True expression is found in weaving your business around your energy and unparalleled blend of skills and passion. It’s a unique process that puts you in the heart of your business and hands you the keys to sustainable evolution. It empowers you to communicate and share with clarity and conviction – in ways that light up your soul clients.

Zone of Uniqueness is a task and finish package. Together we set solid foundations for a new stage of growth in your business, we create unique approaches, systems and strategies you need to get seen, heard and noticed and then together we put it into action. You get the benefit of mentoring and consultancy to expertly guide you through the technical how to’s of delivering your strategy and plan.

You won’t find another package like this because there is only one you and only one me and the Zone of Uniqueness will plot its own course just for you.
Tap into your unique talents and abilities to make something wonderful. Trust in your inner power and radiate it outwards

3 Month Mentorship & Consultancy £3000

All the programmes will inspire you to bravery, boldness and creativity that showcase your power and spark new transformation in your business.


As with all antidotes, side effects are possible. Commonly reported side effects include:

• Absolute confidence in your ability to change the world and complete clarity on how you will tell everyone about it
• Soul clients reporting that your increased visibility has made it impossible to put off working with you any longer.
• Finding marketing fun and inspiring.
• Steady and consistent growth that creates a sustainable business on your terms
• Feelings of intense freedom and liberation
• An inability to follow the rules or to be labelled.

By proceeding you are accepting the potential side effects for you and your business.

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©Polly Hearsey 2017

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