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The Elements of Expression 

You want to feel yourself and to be yourself.  And yet you feel caged or even suffocated because you can't express your business in the ways you want to. You want the freedom to be the best you but making that a reality with the constraints of "how things must be done" is taxing your energy day in and day out.

But this is how it MUST be done. Success depends on you following rules and structures - marketing has an exact formula you have to follow if you want the success you dream of. 

Hogwash.  Claptrap.  Codswallop.

Marketing is a science and an art without question. But first and foremost it is an expression - an expression of your essence.  An expression of who you are at your core and what you are seeking to achieve. There is no rule, formula or framework that you MUST follow.  There is only you and the power you hold within.

If you are ready to cast off the shackles of convention and BE yourself, I want to show you how to take that power and use your foundational elements to create without constraint, without limits and without fear. 

Continuing on the mainstream path is no longer an option - it's strangling the life out of your business.  You need a new way that will free you to be you, to expand with you and match your energy. 

Breaking the Mould

I am inviting you to lead the way with a completely and utterly new approach to connecting with, calling in and serving your soul clients that will give you the ultimate freedom of expression and creation. I would love you to join me on a journey to build your own totally unique marketing blueprint that flows from your energy and essence. 

And it all begins with the elements.

Elements Combined

Each of us has a unique blueprint and our energy, passion, communication and desires fill that blueprint to bursting. But they need to be in balance to create effective and expressive marketing. When you are struggling to get a specific activity to pay off - maybe your Facebook ad strategy - the missing ingredient is rarely the copy or the targeting in the first instance - the impact of your elemental balance is at play.  

Keeping your Fire (passion) Air (expression) Water (energy) and earth (foundations) in balance is fundamentally freeing because it empowers you to capitalise on your strengths for true expression and uniqueness.  None of this conforming to expectations nonsense - appreciate who you truly are and use it to stand out, be seen, be heard and be trusted to deliver your special blend of magic.  I ran 3 days of training on the elements - click the button below to watch and find out how the elements will transform your approach to marketing.

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I am opening spaces for entrepreneurs with spirit, passion and individuality to begin a journey to freedom, expression and connection with their soul clients. 

Together we will create a new marketing blueprint for your business that brings strength, flexibility and potential.  Creating on your own terms in ways that absolutely reflect your unique energy will have you ready and able to be ahead of the changes that that are rocking everyone's world right now.  The changes and instability will be picking up in the next few months and security and resilience depends on being you on every level in your business.  The time to change is now - there is no question of that.  

What will change for you?

You will have clarity about where and how to show up to increase your reach and impact.

You will have a coherent set of offers and services that reflect you and work with your energy giving you the freedom to grow your community and increase engagement.

You will have more confidence in your message and sharing it with passion which will draw more clients to you.

A stronger, more powerful message getting out to more people who need to hear it and the means to call in and serve your soul clients - this is what awaits you.  And the excitement of a journey into new territory.  I know you are feeling the call to BE you in your business there are two ways that you can get involved to transform your entire approach to marketing. 

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The Elements of Expression - 1 to 1 Immersion

You have a big mission that is breaking the mould. 

Sharing the energy and impact in conventional ways is not going to cut it.  Aggressive, competitive, negative energy tactics runs completely against your natural flow and energy.  It's just not going to work.  You need a marketing blueprint that has never existed before to match the extraordinary changes that you are tasked with bringing to life. 

Over 5 weeks we will go deep into your essence to create new ways to express the purpose and impact you are here to create. Using this extraordinary foundation, we will build a strategy and unique blueprint to support you in getting your message out to those who are ready and waiting for it.

We will:

  • Define the very essence of your energy, spirit and purpose within your business.
  • Empower you to express yourself honestly, powerfully and purposefully to invite your soul clients to experience transformation.
  • Create an expansive journey and relationship with your soul clients (current and future) that breathes your essence.

What will be different for you?

You will be empowered to be you on every level within your marketing and you will see and feel benefits that extend into other areas of your business, because marketing is not just communication, it is also creation and design of the whole experience you offer.

Being you will allow you to breathe and believe in your total power to create your own solutions and approaches.

Your clarity of purpose and message will be amplified allowing you to share your energy and excitement fearlessly to draw in your soul clients.

You will have a clear but flexible strategy to extend your visibility, reach and connection with soul clients seeking your brand of magic.

You will be able to create connection and collaboration experiences for your soul clients that are uniquely yours and bring your energy into their reality for dramatic impact. In other words - you will know exactly what packages to create and how to put them into action to get the best results for everyone. 

This programme is a journey into new territory of visionary leadership and creation.  It will empower you to respond and create in completely unique and new ways.  The constricting energy sapping requirements will be stripped away leaving just you and your power of creation. 

The investment for the programme is £1577 or 2 x £797.

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